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Ethics Course

Ethics After Darwin

Ethics and morals relate to right and wrong conduct. "Ethics after Darwin" investigates the consequences of evolutionary biology and Darwinism on our ethics. It explains the principle of equality and individual moralism.

Ecology Course


Ecology is a branch of biology studying the interactions among organisms and their environment: ecosystems, biodiversity, habitat, biotope, niche, biome, biosphere, population ecology, food webs, keystone species.


Mi Método de Entrenamiento

En "Mi método de entrenamiento de animales—la fusión entre Etología y conductismo" el etólogo Roger Abrantes te explica y te enseña cómo entrenar y crear relaciones confiables con cualquier animal.


Feline Behavior and Misbehavior

Feline Behavior and Misbehavior studies the behavior of cats as well as the most common causes of problem behavior and how to solve or prevent them, health and nutrition. It's an all-around course about feline behavior.


Agonistic Behavior

Agonistic Behavior is all forms of aggression, threat, fear, pacifying behavior, fight or flight, arising from confrontations between individuals of the same species. This course gives you the scientific definitions and facts.

Ethology Course


Ethology studies animal behavior in its natural environment. It is one of the fundamental courses in your curriculum. A reliable knowledge of animal behavior is the basis to create a satisfying relationship with any animal we train.

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