Equine Behavior

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Course Description

Equine Behavior studies the behavior of the horse and in particular its social behavior, senses, how it apprehends the world, and its ability to solve problems. It’s an essential course for everyone dealing with horses. CACE students continuing their studies to earn the CAAE diploma will find it challenging to work with a new species which requires a slightly different approach as to the application of the learning principles.

Course Level

Beginner. This course is an introduction to equine behavior and learning.

Course Textbook

“The Nature of Horses: Exploring Equine Evolution, Intelligence, and Behavior”

by Stephen Budiansky.


Horses have a shared history with humans going back millennia to their domestication around 4000 B.C. Yet only in very recent years have scientists begun to study this remarkable animal. Modern scientific research is beginning to explain long-standing mysteries about the true nature of the horse. How well can horses see? How intelligent are they compared to other animals, and are some breeds smarter than others? Does nature or nurture matter more in creating a great sports horse? What causes cribbing and other vices? In this beautifully illustrated, compelling narrative, Budiansky tells the story of the origins, behavior, intelligence, and language of the horse.


Book contents

Chapter 1 The Improbability of the Horse

Chapter 2 From the Brink of Oblivion

Chapter 3 Equine Nature, Human Nature

Chapter 4 Socioecology

Chapter 5 Seeing and Perceiving

Chapter 6 Horse Talk

Chapter 7 Horse Sense

Chapter 8 The Mechanisms of Movement

Chapter 9 Assume a Spherical Horse

Chapter 10 Nature or Nurture

Conclusion The Fate of the Horse


“The Nature of Horses: Exploring Equine Evolution, Intelligence, and Behavior” by Stephen Budiansky.

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The textbook for this course, S. Budiansky’s “The Nature of Horses” is not included and you must acquire it separately (please, see link under Course Textbook).

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