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To earn a diploma, you must collect a certain number of study credits in addition to having completed the required courses, filled in your training logbook and having been proficiency verified.

You can earn study credits by reading articles, watching videos, and participating in course forums. Study credits are important. While reading articles and watching videos will provide you with extra knowledge, participating in course forums, allows you to pose questions and participate in debates with your colleagues and with your tutors. In distance education, course forums are often the only way a tutor gets to know his/her students.

Study Credits

This table shows the number of study credits you need to collect in order to earn your diplomas.

Reading articles and blogs, and watching videos 20 40 60
Active participation in course forums 10 20 40

Reading articles and watching videos — Each time you read an article, blog or watch a video, our server registers how long you spent studying that item. You’ll earn one study credit every time you comply with the necessary time requirement.

Active participation in course forums — You’ll earn one study credit, every time you pose a study relevant question or post a pertinent comment. Course forums are initiated and monitored by tutors.

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