All Courses at a Glance

CPDT — Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Course Content Main Textbook Evaluation Fee €
Evolution Four lessons: variation, natural selection, evolution. “Evolution” by R. Abrantes Quiz Free
Ethology and Behaviorism Four lessons: merging ethology and behaviorism, creating relationships, making training simple and efficient. “Animal Training My Way” by R. Abrantes Quiz 168
The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know Four lessons: The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know plus 16 principles for the advanced trainer, planning a training session. “The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know” by R. Abrantes Quiz 148
Animal Welfare Two lessons: The Five Freedoms and the Three R’s, welfare science, ethics, and law. “Animal Welfare” by A. Pinto-Poulton Quiz 148
EFR for Animals Four lessons: Emergency first response for animals focusing on dogs, horses, and cats. “EFR for Animals” by M. J. Cunha Quiz 98
Anatomy and Physiology Two lessons: the body plan and physical functions of anatomy and physiology. “Anatomy and Physiology” by A. Bourquin Quiz 98
Canine Behavior Three lessons: the behavior of the domestic dogs and their wild relatives; dog language A-Z. “Dog Language” by R. Abrantes Quiz 168
All About Puppies Five lessons: imprinting, socialization, the puppy’s arrival at the new home, stimulation, training. “All About Puppies” by R. Abrantes Quiz 148
Dogs and Children Two lessons: how to create a good relationship between child and dog and how to prevent problems. “Dogs and Children” by R. Abrantes Quiz 40
Dogs Home Alone Two lessons: A practical case and the CHAP prevention and cure program. “Dogs Home Alone” by R. Abrantes Quiz 98
Canine Problem Behavior Three lessons: 10 facts about dogs—myth or truth? and 10 strange dog behaviors explained—debugging popular credence. Files from the EI Canine problem behavior cases. “Canine Problem Behavior” by R. Abrantes Quiz 98
Pedagogy Four lessons: Motivation, active learning, teaching adults, creating better classes. “Pedagogy” by various authors Quiz 89
Canine Proficiency Verification Practical work with dogs supervised by tutor Proficiency Verification Proficiency Verification 396

CACE — Certified in Applied Canine Ethology (in addition to CPDT)

Course Content Main Textbook Evaluation Fee €
Ethology Four lessons: Ethology—history and principles, genetics and behavior, evolutionary strategies, sexual behavior, instinct and learning, communication, social behavior, agonistic behavior, animal economics and intelligence, evolutionary perspectives. “Ethology” by R. Abrantes Quiz 168
Animal Learning Three lessons: Classical and operant conditioning. Learning. Signals. Discrimination, generalization, and stimulus control. Increasing and decreasing behavior. Reinforcement schedules. Advanced operant procedures. Plan of action. “Animal Learning” by R. Abrantes Quiz 168
Applied Animal Learning Three lessons: The Morphology and Syntax of SMAF. Examples of POA. Quick Guide to designing a POA in SMAF. “SMAF” by R. Abrantes Quiz 128
Agonistic Behavior Five lessons: Fearful, aggressive, dominant, and submissive behavior. Pacifying behavior. “Agonistic Behavior” by R. Abrantes Quiz 168
Measuring Behavior Four lessons: How to measure behavior, Methods of sampling animal behavior. Using Ethograms. Chi-squared. “Measuring Behavior” by R. Abrantes Quiz 168
Canine Scent Detection Three lessons: From acquisition of indication behavior (alert) and acquisition of target scent to the final blind test. “Canine Scent Detection—The Practical Manual” by R. Abrantes Quiz and Proficiency Verification 396

CAAE — Certified in Advanced Applied Ethology (in addition to CPDT and CACE)

Course Content Content/textbook Evaluation Fee €
Equine Behavior One lesson: The behavior of the horse, its social behavior, senses, how it apprehends the world, and its ability to solve problems. “The Nature of Horses” by Stephen Budiansky Quiz 98
Feline Behavior Three lessons: the behavior of cats as well as the most common causes of problem behavior and how to solve them. “Feline Behavior and Misbehavior” by R. Abrantes Quiz 98
Zoology Two lessons: introduction to Zoology, how to distinguish and classify animals, particularly mammals. “Intro to Zoology” by A. Pinto-Poulton Quiz 98
Evolution and Ethology Two lessons: this is a comprehensive and advanced course in evolution and ethology (graduate level). “Animal Behaviour” by David McFarland Assignment 238
Learning and Behavior Three lessons: a most comprehensive course reviewing the various forms animals learn and acquire new behavior (graduate level). “Learning and Behavior” by Paul Chance Assignment 238
Critical Reasoning Six lessons: logic and critical reasoning, how to evaluate statements and how to build sound arguments (graduate level). “Think Out of the Box” by R. Abrantes Quiz 238
Equine Proficiency Verification Practical work with horses. Practical work with horses supervised by a tutor Proficiency Verification 396
X-Practice Proficiency Verification Practical work with an animal other than a dog or a cat. Practical work with a third species, other than dog and horse, of your choice Proficiency Verification 396