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Animal Behavior and Learning

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CPDT 2020

Our ‘Certified Professional Dog Trainer’ is probably the best and cheapest program of its kind. 12 online courses and one video proficiency verification. One-on-one tutor support for the practical work. Earn redeem points for completing courses. Try it today.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) EUR 1,419 (or 12 installments of EUR 126)


19 online courses including two video Proficiency Verifications. Go a step further than CPDT. Learn about ethology, applied animal learning, agonistic behavior, canine scent detection. One-on-one tutor support for the practical work. This is the ultimate program for dog trainers.

Certified in Applied Canine Ethology (CACE) EUR 2,496 (or 18 installments of EUR 148)

Online, self-study program for you, who wish to be a top professional with a solid theoretical knowledge and a vast experience in training different animals.
27 online courses including four video Proficiency Verifications. One-on-one tutor support for the practical work.

Certified in Advanced Applied Ethology (CAAE) EUR 4,116 (or 24 installments of EUR 184)

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Lydia Kincaid 2024-06-28 15:04:14

Admitting this in this community might be a faux pas, but I have never really been interested in scent detection. Though after going through the CPDT acedemic portion and reading about Dr. Abrante...

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Lydia Kincaid 2024-06-26 15:32:36

I would love to see if anyone has done a change your mind debate in a dog training class. I feel like this would be really useful in discussing various personality types and the impact on dog training...

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“Animal Training My Way—Ethology and Behaviorism” by Roger Abrantes is a breath of fresh air in a world monopolized by political correctness, marketing, and technomorphic trends. Here is the course for you who want to be your own, liberated from the capricious trends and constraints imposed by mass opinion. Scientifically correct, logically sound, and disconcertingly honest—that’s how we appraise this book (and online course). Abrantes presents us with a courageous piece of writing, ever meticulous, as it is his trademark. Be yourself and begin animal training ‘your’ way today.

Take our online featured course of the week and earn a certificate—for only €98 until Sunday midnight GMT.

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Featured Price: €168.00 €98.00

10 Minutes Promo

Ten Minutes With Professor Abrantes

“Through the Lens of Ethology”—Every Monday, Jessica Pacheco poses Dr. Roger Abrantes a question about animal behavior and learning, which he answers from the perspective of an ethologist.
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“After attending a seminar by Professor Abrantes, I took my first free course (Evolution). I liked it so much that I enrolled in the next course—and then I couldn’t stop. I finished my CPDT, CACE and finally earned my CAAE diploma of which I’m very proud. Today, I have a good business helping dogs and their owners to a better life. That was my dream!

~Claudia Chiappini, CAAE, Rome, Italy.

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