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The following are all the courses you have to take to earn your Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) diploma. To read more about the single courses, click this link.

Buying the bundled courses saves you EUR 158. Upon completing all courses, you will have earned 158 redeeming points (equalling EUR 158)  that you can use to continue your education or to gift a friend.

You can also buy the CPDT in installments saving EUR 58. You’ll get two courses right away and then one each month for 12 months.


List of courses in the CPDT program

Four lessons: variation, natural selection, evolution.
Main Textbook: “Evolution” by R. Abrantes

Ethology and Behaviorism
Four lessons: merging ethology and behaviorism, creating relationships, making training simple and efficient.
Main Textbook: “Animal Training My Way” by R. Abrantes

The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know
Four lessons: The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know plus 16 principles for the advanced trainer, planning a training session.
Main Textbook: “The 20 Principles All Animal Trainers Must Know” by R. Abrantes

Animal Welfare
Two lessons: The Five Freedoms and the Three R’s, welfare science, ethics, and law.
Main Textbook: “Animal Welfare” by A. Pinto-Poulton

EFR for Animals
Four lessons: Emergency first response for animals focusing on dogs, horses, and cats.
Main Textbook: “EFR for Animals” by M. J. Cunha

Anatomy and Physiology
Two lessons: the body plan and physical functions of anatomy and physiology.
Main Textbook: “Anatomy and Physiology” by A. Bourquin

Canine Behavior
Three lessons: the behavior of the domestic dogs and their wild relatives; dog language A-Z.
Main Textbook: “Dog Language” by R. Abrantes

All About Puppies
Five lessons: imprinting, socialization, the puppy’s arrival at the new home, stimulation, training.
Main Textbook: “All About Puppies” by R. Abrantes

Dogs and Children
Two lessons: how to create a good relationship between child and dog and how to prevent problems.
Main Textbook: “Dogs and Children” by R. Abrantes

Dogs Home Alone
Two lessons: A practical case and the CHAP prevention and cure program.
Main Textbook: “Dogs Home Alone” by R. Abrantes

Canine Problem Behavior
Three lessons: 10 facts about dogs—myth or truth? and 10 strange dog behaviors explained—debugging popular credence. Files from the EI Canine problem behavior cases.
Main Textbook: “Canine Problem Behavior” by R. Abrantes

Four lessons: Motivation, active learning, teaching adults, creating better classes.
Main Textbook: “Pedagogy” by various authors

Canine Proficiency Verification
Practical work with dogs supervised by a tutor.

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