Dogs Home Alone

by Roger Abrantes

Course Description

Canine Home Alone deals with the canine problem no. 1—the dog cannot be left home alone without showing clear signs of distress behavior.

This course is a DIY program for dog owners to cure or prevent serious problems. If you are a dog trainer, teach your clients this proven, straightforward and efficient method.

Lesson one shows a case for you to analyze and poses you a few questions. Lesson two gives you the textbook that you have to read carefully.

Course Level

Beginner to moderate. This is one of the most important courses in canine problem behavior. It deals with crucial issues, which result in dogs being re-homed or euthanized all too often.

Course Textbook

“Dogs Home Alone”

by Roger Abrantes, Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology.

This book is a best-seller. The present edition is a much enlarged and revised version of the original book from 1997.

Book contents

  • Chapter One — The causes of canine home alone problems.
  • Chapter Two — Don’t do this! Old wives’ tales don’t work.
  • Chapter Three — Treating the causes and not the symptoms.
  • Chapter Four — The direct treatment of CHAP.
  • Chapter 5 — The daily routine.
  • PS — Psychopharmaca.

Online Studying and Tutoring

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Roger Abrantes

Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology, BA in Philosophy. Author to 27 books, speaks seven languages. Retired in 2016, lectured on Ethology, Evolutionary Biology, and Epistemology. Currently writing articles and blogs and occasionally sailing and diving in Thailand.

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